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Actions for Everyone

There are countless ways to contribute to helping the water crisis, starting with individual actions from each of us.

Save water (and energy) by minimizing usage:

  • Turn off taps when brushing teeth or soaping dishes

  • Take shorter showers of no more than 5 minutes and try not to take baths

  • Rewear clothes that aren’t very dirty to minimize laundry

  • Turn off lights and appliances when you aren't using them. All energy sources use water in their production. 

Share your knowledge

  • You can help spread the word by sharing your knowledge about water.

  • Share with your family, friends, and classmates

Avoid polluting water:

  • Don't use the toilet as a wastebasket.

  • Make sure your litter ends up in a garbage bin

  • Eat more organic food which uses less synthetic chemicals

  • Try to avoid using plastic bags, and bottles

  • Drink less bottled water where quality tap water is available

  • Plant trees!  This helps to reduce erosion that washes pollution into our water sources.

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